Energy Research Centre is Established at University of UIN Suska Riau Indonesia

30 10 2011

EnReach‘s company profile can be downloaded from the figure below:

On the Engineers’ Day 15 September 2011, the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) at University of UIN Suska Riau in Indonesia made new important move by establishing the Energy Research Centre (EnReach).

Some backgrounds behind the establishment of EnReach include:

  • Energy is critical for modern society to get a better quality of life. Various issues and difficulties will occur when access to energy is limited.
  • Access to modern among people in society is not equal. International Energy Agency (2011) noted over 1.3 billion people, mostly in developing countries, do not have access to electricity and about 2.7 billion without clean cooking facilities. In Indonesia, over 70 million inhabitants have no access to electricity, where over 80% are in remote areas, and 50% are outside Java and Bali.
  • The past and current practices in energy production and consumption have not only been benefiting people and the development, but also has been causing various social and environmental impacts such cultural changes and depletion of environment carrying capacity.
  • On the other hands, Indonesia is endowed with various energy resources in large capacity, but yet optimally utilized.
  • FST UIN Suska Riau believes that the future strategy of energy development must apply sustainability principles which balances the economy, social, and environment aspects. This effort would require active involvements of academic, business, and government sectors.

EnReach‘s vision is to become the leading energy research institution in Riau province that offers a global-class solutions to address local energy issues.

  1. Conduct studies and multidisciplinary energy researches to help addressing energy supply issues in the province of Riau and Indonesia, by applying the principles of sustainable energy developments.
  2. Undertake partnerships and collaboration with society in improving access to reliable and affordable energy that promote productive activities.
  3. Disseminate the results of studies and researches and promote the sustainable energy.
  4. Implement an accountable, transparent, and quality-oriented management.

EnReach‘s logo:

EnReach‘s motto is EnLightening People”.

Organisational stucture of EnReach include:

  1. Boards
  2. Executive
  3. Researchers

Board members:

  1. The Dean of FST UIN Suska Riau (ex-officio, Board Member) – Field: Architecture.
  2. Kunaifi (founder, Chief of Board) – Field: renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development.
  3. Novriyanto (founder, Board Member) – Field: Green ICT, IT project management, IT strategy and assessments.
  4. Petir Papilo (founder, Board Member) – Field: energy policy, quality control.
  5. Zulfatri Aini (founder, Board Member) – Field: energy efficiency, power systems, power system planning and analysis.
  6. Liliana (founder, Board Member) – Field: renewable energy, power systems, power system protection.
  7. Nesdi Evrilyan Rozanda (founder, Board Member) – Field: green ICT, IT project management.

EnReach currently focuses on four areas that can be implemented in the form of researches, projects, programs, and interventions:

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Green ICT
  4. Energy policy

After six weeks of its foundation, EnReach has undertaken and involved in the following activities:

  1. Studi persiapan proyek pembangkit listrik tersambung jaringan di atap kantor Pemprov Riau.
  2. Menjadi tuan rumah riset bio-energi mahasiswa S2 dari Hochscule Amberg-Weiden German.
  3. Studi potensi energi biomassa di 2Kabupaten di Propinsi Riau.
  4. Audit energi pada sektor bangunan kantor, bekerjasama dengan Direktorat Energi Baru, Terbarukan dan Konservasi Energi Kementerian ESDM dan PT. Energy Management Indonesia.
  5. Involved in formulating the Riau Province Electricity Regulation.
  6. Develop a sustainable concept of solar home systems project for Riau Mining and Energy Office.
  7. MoU with Hochscule Amberg-Weiden Germany in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable forest management.
  8. Preparatory studies for PV system installation on the rooftop of Riau Government Office, colaboration with Hochscule Amberg-Weiden Germany.
  9. Hosted a Master student from Hochscule Amberg-Weiden Germany in conducting bioenergy research in Riau Province.
  10. Study on biomass energy potential in two regencies in Riau Province.
  11. Energy audit on the office building sector, a collaboration with the Directorate of New Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation the Ministry of Energy Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia and Energy Management Indonesia Tbk.

Beside conducting independent studies, researches, and programs, EnReach is available for collaboration programs with national and institutional institutions. Currently EnReach is in the final phase of discussion with a clean energy company in Jakarta and an international NGO based in Paris for a collaboration programs in renewable energy surveys and capacity building in clean energy.

Please visit EnReach at and via email to or (Chief of Board).





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